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Owning and operating an eco donutboat business can make you the talk of the town. The requirements for starting an eco donut boat business is very straightforward. The minimum investment is USD 49.000 which includes a turnkey solution and 3 boats to start your rental fleet. Most important is to know where to start the business. 3 keys to success:

  1. Waterfront location with existing footfall
  2. Calm water with a 5 Knots speed restriction
  3. Direct access to the water with a jetty

Our boats are extremely well built and cheap to run. By using solar panels and electric motors we avoid the cost associated with ICE (internal combustion engine). Without fuel costs and with minimum maintenance, you save money and can pass this saving on to the customer.

With the fuel dilemma out of the way, with almost every form of entertainment or social activity made available, you have a great formula for success. Simple examples are birthdays, family outings, corporate or staff outing, ladies coffee cruise, business lunch and sunset cruise.

More ideas will come to your mind once you try an eco donut boat. The business is simple to run and can be very profitable with the right location.

• Size – 2.2 Mt. diameter x 2.1 Mt. height.

• Maximum speed is 4 Knots (7.4 kmh)

• Maximum carrying capacity 7 adults or 580Kg.

• Propulsion – 600w / 12v trolling motor.

• Batteries – 4 x 100 amp. Deep cycle.

• Heavy duty aluminum canopy frame with double layer canvas.

• 3 x solar panels with solar controller.

• 6 hrs operating time, 8 hrs on a sunny day.

• Standard equipment: Life ring, life jackets, fire extinguisher, perimeter blue LED lights, fenders, boarding hand railings, seat cushions, round center table with built in cooler.

Drop us a line and we will contact you with more details.

ecodonutBusiness Opportunities